Chili Contest

Make a Mean pot of Chili? Want to test it against other chefs, have lots of fun, and help Roosevelt?!

Compete for a chance to win one of the following prize categories:

  • 1st, 2nd or 3rd Place
  • Most Original Chili Name
  • Best Presentation – Based on your showmanship and booth decoration
  • Spiciest- Chili with the boldest flavor, not necessarily 5 Alarm Hot!
  • People’s Choice – The chili that receives the most votes by the attending public. The American Idol of chili awards.

Each contestant receives two free limited edition 2018 Roosevelt Chili Cook-Off aprons.

Please follow our Guidelines to participate in the contest.

Current Contestants

  1. Anya Ahuja & Neha Patkar – Class of 2019 Chili!
  2. McKinley Harvest Festival – Spookalicious
  3. Katie and Manolo Tellez – Que Calor! Give Me More!
  4. Wlla’s Kitchen -Mid- East Chili 
  5. Caroline K. Huo Group  – Spicy, Saucy, and Sassy
  6. Dorian Aleman – Mia’s Big Bean Chili
  7. Emin Tekin – Chilibaba
  8. Kevin Foy – I like Pork Butts, I cannot lie
  9. Ray Kruck – Our Lady of Blessed  Jalapenos; Don’t Fail Me Now!
  10. Abha Gupta – Bollywood’s Best
  11. Mark Hartley – Chili Today, Hot Tamale
  12. Rohini Kumar – A Left Turn at “Avo”querque
  13. Matt Pavao and Sean Kuiper – Cobra
  14. Sean Dalziel – Mac ‘n Chili
  15. Sahara Williams – Class of 2012 Chili
  16. Washington Dads Club – Washington Wild Dads Chili