Sponsoring the annual Roosevelt Chili Cook Off is the best way to support Roosevelt’s main community
event and fundraiser for the year. Fundraising early in the school year allows us to plan for our local
school needs and ensure all student activities are funded including field trips, classroom supplies, and
enrichment materials for science and art. Additionally, your sponsorship helps to support annual events
for Roosevelt including We Are Roosevelt Night, Science Olympiad, and the Roosevelt Walk-a-thon.

Own  a local business? Consider becoming a business sponsor! All sponsors are recognized in the weekly Roosevelt Reporter, on the CCO website, and on a banner at the event.  As a special bonus, each Habanero donor will be acknowledged as a game sponsor on the day of the event!

Sponsorship donations are tax-deductible according to IRS guidelines. Please consult your tax advisor.

Family Levels

Bell – up to $99
Jalapeño – $100
Serrano – $250
Tabasco – $500
Cayenne – $750
Habanero – $1,000+

Business Levels

Serrano – $250
Tabasco – $500
Cayenne – $750
Habanero – $1,000+

A FLAMING HOT Chili Thank You to our 2019 CCO Sponsors:


Gary & Karyn Toy

Michelle Roberts and Nancy Vitale

Shin Family

The Lao Family

The Sinha Family

Matt & Lorraine Scholl

Kit Wong & Bryant McLaughlin

The Reed Family

Joey and Heba Levitt

The Mohan Family

Jillian Lei and Dan Griffin


Coming soon


The MacMillan Family

Zarahn Family

Patrick and Amy Chen

Dan Lyons Realtor

The Solka Family

The Rogowski Family

Maxine Wallace Family

The Rowbotham Family

Anne Lee

Ravi and Erica Akella

Katherine and Jamie Cheng

The Civello Family



Cindy Lin and Dan Anderson

The McConnell Family

The Frank Family

The Dunn Family

Louie-Badua Family

Kerry & Matt Adams

Cornelius Family

The Townsager Family

Martinez Family

The Man Family

Jae and Stacy Kim

The Bowler Family

St. Clair family

Makoto & Sachie Watanabe

Rio & Yuko Miyagawa

Sonia & Charlie Hardtke

Feldman Family

The Flenniken Family

Rachell Kim & Shaun Lin

Alfai Family

Christina & Leadron Koo

Woody Family


Vancini Kruck Family

Dokoza Family

Mike Dunham & Deeksha Hebbar

Jaro Family